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About The ABC’s of Widowhood

One morning you get a call… your husband has been killed walking across the street, by an uninsured motorist. You are instantly alone, saddled with debt, bombarded with questions, required to make decisions, and completely clueless about most of what it takes to manage personal and family affairs. And if that wasn’t enough, eighteen days later you lose your home to a devastating fire destroying your sacred sanctuary.

If this seems like a harrowing situation to you, imagine how it feels to the 780,000 women, who join the existing 11.3 million to become new widows each year in this country. A few are prepared, some are able to cope, but for most, their time of personal anguish becomes a living, overwhelming hell. It needn’t be that way.

The ABC’s of Widowhood is a book that every woman should read and that each widow needs at her side as a guide. Written by a woman whose life was turned upside down by her husband’s tragic death, it is the voice of experience in an easy to read, easy to access alphabetical format.

There are books, written by psychologists, who serve the mental health aspect and there are books written about financial security. But The ABC’s of Widowhood is the definitive self-help book. It combines the sensitivity of dealing with grief with the cold hard facts of making tough decisions for financial well-being. It is imperative reading for every woman who has marriage in her future.

The ABC’s of Widowhood gives direct, honest answers. One doesn’t have to read the whole book to derive benefits. You can simply look up the answers by topic as your questions arise. This is not a book in the traditional sense; it is a dictionary for living.

A new widow needs solace, comfort and most importantly hope. The ABC’s of Widowhood brings first hand anecdotal messages that allow a widow or widower to take comfort in the fact that others have had the same feelings – or lack of feelings – and that their experience is a perfectly normal part of the healing process.

Everyone will experience death. The ABC’s of Widowhood can make the time before a death more productive and help with the challenges facing a widow or widower as they transition to re-involvement in a new life.

Needing a break in my work day, I picked up The ABCs of Widowhood to read just a few pages. Several hours later I forced myself to stop reading and return to my work. I am not a widow, nor does it seem to be looming on the horizon, but I sure wish I’d had this book to share both with my mother and mother-in-law when they were all of a sudden alone. customer (read the full review)

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